Helge Stemshaug, chairman of the board since 2016
Helge Stemshaug is Partner and Chairman of the board in BAHR, a leading Norwegian law firm. He has previous experience as Head of Section in Centre for EU Law and Director of Legal Affairs in the Norwegian Competition Authority before starting in BAHR in 1999. Helge holds a Master of Law from University of Southampton and a Cand Jur from the University of Oslo. Helge does not own any shares or other financial instruments in North Investment Group.
Independent in relation to the company and major shareholder: Yes.
Trond Frigaard, member of the board since 2014
Trond Frigaard is Chairman of the Board of all companies within Frigaard Gruppen. He started his career at Sarpsborg Metall in 1995 as a sales representative, and took on the role as CEO in 2003. He has developed Sarpsborg Metall further, and is the founder of among others, SSG, Altistore and Frigaard Eiendom. Trond Frigaard is a Business Economist from BI. The majority shareholder of the shares in North Investment Group is Frigaardgruppen AS, controlling 88,57 % of the share capital. The controlling entity of Frigaardgruppen is Soland Invest AS, which is wholly owned by Trond Frigaard who is the sole board member of Frigaardgruppen AS.
Independent in relation to the company and major shareholder: No.
Ellen Hanetho, member of the board since 2014
Ellen Hanetho is director on the boards of Fearnley Securities AS, Kongsberg Automotive ASA and MPC Container ASA. She has since 2013 has been CEO of Frigaard Invest AS. Prior to this she held leading positions within Credo Partners, Goldman Sachs and Citibank. Ellen Hanetho holds a BSBA and an MBA. Ellen owns 1.98 per cent of the shares in the Company through her wholly owned company Opulentia Invest AS.
Independent in relation to the company and major shareholder: No.

Ståle Eide – CEO
Ståle has extensive local and international experience from industry, IT and logistics, and has held leading positions with Kinnarps, Elektro Vakuum, ABB and Tandberg. Ståle is educated as industrial engineer and production economist.

Tore Skedsmo CFO
Joined NIG as CFO in 2017. Prior experience as CFO in Maritime Food Group, manager for Santander Consumer Bank operations in the Nordic Region and as auditor in Deloitte. Tore has an Master degree in Economics from NHH and is State authorized public accountant, educated at Handelshøyskolen BI.

Hans Petter CPO
Joined NIG as Head of Purchasing in 2017. Responsible for all supplier relations, and General Manager of NOROP. 10 Years' experience from purchasing and logistics positions Teknotherm, Aker Kværner and Infocus.