North Investment Group consists of two business units:

NIG Norge
The former Frigaard Handel AS, which was established in 2004 and consist of the companies Sarpsborg Metall, Scandinavian Storage Group and Altistore. The companies focus on delivering storage solutions and furniture to the Scandinavian market.

NIG Sverige
The former ACAP Invest (publ.) was acquired in 2014 and integrated as a natural part of the group. ACAP Invest brought with it strong brands within storage solutions and furniture to pre-school and education as well as mechanical industry furniture. These brands are; Sonesson Inredningar, Tranås, Alnäs, Miljöexpo, Form & Miljö, GBP and Sono.
In 2015 the company also acquired Ergoff Miljö which is focused on ergonomic furniture and solutions promoting health and productivity in the work place.

Today the group has built a strong foot print in Scandinavia and is enjoying a highly scalable business model enabling further profitable growth.